Horse Stable Boards


Compressed bamboo, usually called strand woven bamboo, is gaining popularity for the production of horse stable boards thanks to its stability, strength, eco-friendly aspect, low price,...

Strand woven horse stable boards can be used as door panels but also as wall panels of the box.

Specification horse stable boards:

  • With or without tongue and groove connection (length tongue 8mm)
  • Rounded corners R5
  • colours: coffee (carbonized), natural and black
  • oil finish

Advantages compressed bamboo

  • Hardness over 9 Brinell and density 1100-1200kg/m³, which is 2.5x harder than oak and even harder than many tropical hardwood species, so that horses cannot bite in the material
  • Horses cannot kick through the boards thanks to the enormous strength of bamboo
  • Eco-aspect: bamboo is technically a grass that grows back by itself when it is cut
  • Compressed bamboo has a higher stability than exotic wood species like massaranduba, so that it has almost no shrink/expansion
  • Price is lower than hardwood
  • Compressed bamboo has good aesthetic qualities
  • VOC class A+ (REACH norms)
  • Low fire rating Cfl-S1 thanks to density
  • No urea formaldehyde in material


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